Spice Recipes

Hilbe Yemenite Fenugreek Paste
In the Yemeni and Ethiopian food culture, they make a sauce/condiment called "hilbe" that is made from fenugreek seeds. They ground and soak the seeds for at least 3 hours until it turns into a soft paste that is whipped until creamy and smooth and then blended with Zhug. After blending, add the hilbe to the soup or use it as an all-purpose spread and condiment, much in the manner that Americans use ketchup and salsa.
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Spinach & Bean Salad
Because beans are so full of protein you need add very little to them to make a complete meal. With this salad, you will have texture from the beans, color and nutrients from the spinach and carrots, flavor from the onion and amazing taste from the Instanbul Salad seasoning. This substantial meal is perfect on its own. Or served hot over a bed of rice, or as an accompaniment to chicken, beef or grilled fish.
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Mediterranean Quinoa Salad (Fattoush)

Quick to make. Healthy and nutritious to eat. Perfect for vegans and vegetarians. I am talking about quinoa. This nearly perfect food stands alone in any culinary repertoire. It can be served as a hot or cold dish depending on what you fancy.

In keeping with the Mediterranean way of eating, I want to share my recipe for an amazing salad using quinoa and a few tasty spices that are widely used in the Mediterranean region, specifically Zahtar mix.

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