Spice Recipes

Spinach & Bean Salad
Because beans are so full of protein you need add very little to them to make a complete meal. With this salad, you will have texture from the beans, color and nutrients from the spinach and carrots, flavor from the onion and amazing taste from the Instanbul Salad seasoning. This substantial meal is perfect on its own. Or served hot over a bed of rice, or as an accompaniment to chicken, beef or grilled fish.
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Vegan Red Beans & Rice with Spicy Tofu
Who says vegans can't enjoy hearty Louisiana-style cuisine? Let the good times roll with this spicy plant-based dish that's also packed with favor, fiber and protein. You can make a version of this dish with just about any dried bean, but red beans are the most authentic. Try Domingo Rojo beans from Napa’s own Rancho Gordo. They have great flavor and hold their shape very nicely when cooked.
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