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Ingredients: English Sea Salt. Description: This world-renowned sea salt is one of the United Kingdom’s most prized traditional products. It is still harvested on the east coast in Essex, using the same age-old techniques as...

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Ingredients: Lemon Peel. Description: Lemon peel powder is the dehydrated ground rind of a lemon. Because of its pleasant lemon flavor, it is used in many baking recipes including muffins, cookies, as well as recipes...

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Ingredients: Ichimi Togarashi Chili Description: This is one of the main ingredients in our top seller Shichimi Togarashi - Japanese Seven Spice that we haven't offered by itself ever before. This "one flavor chili pepper"...

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Ingredients: Garlic, Salt, Annatto, Cumin, Black Pepper, Coriander, and Oregano.  Description: Traditionally a Latin blend that adds color and flavor to any meal. Our blends do not use MSG as umami. Instead, we insist on using...

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Ingredients: Sugar, Chili, Sea Salt, Onion, Coffee, Black Pepper, Paprika, Yellow Mustard, Coriander, Garlic, Oregano, and Cumin. Description: Made with actual coffee, this is a must if you want to enhance any steak. The warm coffee blends...

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Ingredients: Coconut Powder, Onion, Porcini Mushroom, Salt, Garlic, Citric Acid, Sage, Black Pepper, Tomato, Parsley, Chili, Dill Weed, Chives. Description: Ranch Blend (Dairy-Free). We don't use MSG in our spices. For this blend, we utilized...

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Ingredients: Sea Salt. Description: Pretzel Size Sea Salt

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Ingredients: Orange Peel. Description: Orange peel powder brings a bright, citrus flavor, which can either be tart or bitter depending on the variety of oranges. This is a perfect way to add a fresh orange depth to...


Ingredients: Roasted Seaweed Yakisushinori Description: Coming Soon!

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Ingredients: Seaweed. Description: Roasted Seaweed Yakisushinori