SKU: WS SET - 15
Set of Twelve Jars:
-Chipotle Chili Powder 2.9 oz Jar
-New Mexico Chili Powder 2.4 oz Jar
-California Chili Powder 2.4 oz Jar
-Ancho Chili Powder 2.1 oz Jar
-Chili Pepper Flakes 1.7 oz Jar
-Aleppo Chili Crushed 2.2 oz Jar
-Peppercorns Black 2.2 oz Jar
-Peppercorns Green 0.96 oz Jar
-Peppercorns Pink 0.96 oz Jar
-Peppercorns White 2.6 oz Jar
-Peppercorns Mixed 2.2 oz Jar
-Cayenne Chili Powder 2.7 oz Jar

Description: The Whole Spice Peppers and Chili Jar Set is a great way to try all the different peppercorn and chili variations. This set also make a great gift for those who like to add a little heat to their cooking!

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