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Ingredients: Sweet Smoked Paprika (100 - 139 ASTA).

Description: Paprika is made by first drying and then grinding red peppers (Pimientos) into a fine powder. The unique flavor of smoked paprika is created by drying them in an oak wood oven. The mild (Dulce) quality is derived from a type of pimiento that does not possess the intensity of the hot pimiento. Originating in Southern Mexico, the plant used to produce paprika was brought by Spaniards to Hungary where it has become an essential ingredient in both Hungarian and Spanish cuisines. You will most assuredly see paprika in some classic dishes that include chicken in paprika sauce, Hungarian goulash, Spanish Paella and chorizos, and the famous Catalonian Romesco sauce. Paprika is often used as a garnish, sprinkled on eggs, hors d’ouvres and salads for color. It is a perfect spice used for its color in cheeses and cheese spreads, and is used in marinades and smoked foods. It can be included in the flavor dusting for chicken and other meats.

Recipe: Sweet Smoked Paprika Butter

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