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Ingredients: Onion, Turmeric, Cumin Toasted, Black Salt, Garlic, Chili, Coriander, Asafoetida, Ginger, Tamarind Instant, Fenugreek, Black Pepper, Citric Acid, Bay Leaves.

Description: Indian Dal, also known as Pappu or Paripu, is a term that refers to legumes (lentils, peas, or various types of beans) which have been split. The word Dal is used to name the thick stew that is prepared from the legumes. Dal is an important part of Indian, Nepali, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, West Indian, and Bangladeshi cuisine. The manner in which it’s cooked and presented varies by region. Dal is usually prepared with rice and in India is served with a wheat flatbread called Roti. In South India, Dal is primarily used to make the dish called Sambar. It is also used to make Pappu that is mixed with Charu and rice. Use our special Indian Dal seasoning to enhance flavors of any Dal soup or stew.

Recipe: Indian Spice Soup

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