The Perfect Pita

The Perfect Pita

My fascination with pita bread comes naturally as I've been eating it all my life. Of course my mother used to make pita or flatbread in a wood-fired oven, and would add simple herbs or spices to impart different flavors. These days, pita bread is sold in just about every supermarket, corner market and even at convenience stores. But you can make your own perfect pita or flatbread at home, all it takes is a non-stick pan and a little ingenuity to create a variety of great tasting pita or flatbread.


You may ask yourself, why would I want to go to all the trouble of making my own pita bread when I can easily buy it at the store? Well, the answer is simple, why not? You can enjoy experimenting with different flavors by adding exotic spices and herbs such as Za'atar Spice Blend to the dough. Its a very simple process. The trick is to get the griddle or pan just hot enough not to cause burning, and presto you have puffy (or not) great tasting pita bread. And there's nothing better than home-made pita bread. Use them for making scrumptious gyros, pita-wraps or eat them plain with a fresh, side-salad. Just roll out the dough as needed, and down a half-dozen pita breads with lunch or dinner. If you want to experiment with different flour, for example, blending white flour with rye, you can do so -- the proportion of flour may vary according to your preference. You can also add exotic herbs or spices for that extra punch in flavor. But the most important thing to do is to simply savor the taste of the perfect pita!


Try making this easy-peasy recipe at home:

 Za'atar Flat Bread - Get the recipe »»



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