Crispy Fresh Sage Adds Crunch to This Salad

Crispy Fresh Sage Adds Crunch to This Salad

Here in the Napa Valley we’re lucky enough to have a year-round growing season for many culinary herbs, including sage. One small sage plant in your garden will quickly grow tall and wide, producing plenty of fresh leaves for you to pick at will.

Fresh sage leaves are thicker than most other garden herbs, which makes them easy to handle and fun to fry up in olive oil for a crunchy addition to salads.

They only need a couple of seconds in the hot pan, so we crisp one at a time to make sure none get burned.

Crispy sage goes beautifully with winter vegetables and beans, as in this salad we recently enjoyed: »» Lima Bean, Roasted Cauliflower and Crispy Sage Salad (recipe)


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