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Ingredients: Sea Salt, Activated Charcoal. Description: Purely Mediterranean, this pyramid-shaped, black crystal salt is mixed with activated charcoal that gives it a unique taste and acts as a natural detoxifier. You can add it as...

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Ingredients: Fine Ground French Gray Sea Salt. Description: This sea salt is collected by hand using traditional ancient Celtic methods within the coastal areas of France. This moist and unrefined salt is harvested in summer,...

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Ingredients: New Zealand Sea Salt, Mesquite Oil (less than 1%). Natural drying process by sun and wind. (13-22 months) *Harvested from the clean oceans around New Zealand *Retains all the natural trace elements *Not Iodized....


Ingredients: Himalayan Pink Salt. Description: Mined from deep in the Himalayan Mountains, where it is protected from pollution and impurities, this is one of the purest salts available on earth. It contains more than 84...

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Ingredients: Fleur de Sel Sea Salt, Saffron Powder. Description: This amazing combination of sea salt and saffron spice is one that should always be in your kitchen pantry. Saffron is renowned for being the most...

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Ingredients: Salt, Sodium Nitrite (6.25 %), Propylene Glycol and Soudium Bicarbonate Added Red 3. Description: Curing salt is used for preserving food to slow or prevent spoilage. Often, curing salt is used for pickling meats...

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Ingredients: Sea Salt, Onion. Description: This is a versatile gourmet condiment which can be used for seasoning hamburgers, vegetables, soups, stews, sauces and egg dishes.

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Ingredients: Fleur de Sel Sea Salt, Hot Smoked Paprika. Description: Pimenton Salt

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Ingredients: Himalayan Pink Salt. Description: Himalayan pink salt crystals are among the purest in the world with approximately 97 to 99 percent sodium chloride. These crystals are mined in the mountains of Northern Pakistan. They...

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Ingredients: Sea Salt, Ginger. Description: Ginger Salt

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Ingredients: Sea Salt (Sel Gris), Matcha (Green Tea Powder Premium). Description: Made with pure sea salt and premium Matcha tea leaves from the mountains of Kyoto, Japan, this unique combination adds great taste to any...


Set of Six Jars: -Matcha Green Tea Sea Salt 3.7 oz Jar -Rosemary Salt 3.5 oz Jar -Saffron Salt 4.2 oz Jar -Cyprus Black Lava Salt 2.8 oz Jar -French Gray Salt 3.5 oz Jar...

Showing 49 - 60 of 60 item(s)