Harissa the Great!
Harissa is a potent chili paste that is widely used in most North African cuisine, specifically Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria. This fiery blend of dried chilies and spices is an excellent accompaniment to tagines, couscous, rice dishes and also pairs well with all meats and fish.
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Shuli's Mom and the Paprika Farm
Shuli has many wonderful memories of his mother, and of growing up on the farm, There are a few things that stay with him to this very day and that is the caring way his mother treated her customers with helpfulness and friendliness, and especially the integrity in her products.
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Easy, Spicy Ethiopian Stews
Ethiopian food sounds exotic, but it's easy to fall in love with the cuisine of this eastern African nation. Whether you're a strict vegan, a traditional vegetarian or an old-fashioned omnivore, as long as your palate is prepared for intense flavors, Ethiopian cookery has a dish for you.
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