SKU: WS SET - 10
Set of Twelve Jars:
-Vindaloo Curry Powder 2.6 oz Jar
-Yellow Indian Curry Powder 2.7 oz Jar
-Fennel Seeds 1.6 oz Jar
-Garam Masala 2.5 oz Jar
-Brown Mustard Seed Whole 2.7 oz Jar
-Turmeric Powder 2.8 oz Jar
-Bay Leaves Whole 0.16 oz Jar
-Green Cardamom Pods 1.5 oz Jar
-Cayenne Chili Powder 2.7 oz Jar
-Cloves Whole 1.4 oz Jar
-Coriander Powder 2.3 oz Jar
-Cumin Powder 2.5 oz Jar

Description: The Whole Spice Indian Jar Set includes some of the most popular spices used in Indian cooking as well as couple of our curry blends.

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