SKU: WS SET - 08
Set of Twelve Jars:
-Rosemary 0.80 oz Jar
-Thyme Leaves 0.80 oz Jar
-Sage Crushed 1.0 oz Jar
-Tarragon 0.60 oz Jar
-Oregano 0.48 oz Jar
-Basil Leaves 0.90 oz Jar
-Dill Weed 0.64 oz Jar
-Savory Leaves 0.80 oz Jar
-Italian Seasoning Large Cut 1.0 oz Jar
-Herbes de Provence Whole 1.0 oz Jar
-Parsley Flakes 0.16 oz Jar
-Marjoram Leaves 0.50 oz Jar

Description: The Whole Spice Herbs Jar Set includes most of the basic herbs needed for cooking. This set makes a great gift for someone who is moving or can make it easy to restock your own pantry!

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