Pasila Negro Chile
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Ingredients: Pasilla Negra Chili.

Description: Dried chilaca peppers are known as pasilla ("little raisin," in Mexico) or pasilla negra ("little black raisin) chilies. Chilacas are narrower than poblanos; but because both peppers are long and green, there’s often confusion between the two. These pods are fruity, rich and mildly hot — like ancho, about 3-5 on the 1-10 scale — with a dark-brown color. They are often referred to as part of a “holy trinity” of Mexican chilies that includes ancho and mulato. The moderate heat and complex flavor of these chilies can zest up corn chowder, meat loaf and stews. Pasilla flakes are also excellent in salsas and cream sauces, particularly sauces for fish.

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