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Ingredients: Korean Chili Threads.

Description: Made from the Korean red chili pepper these threads are 2-3 inches long and reddish brown when dried. They have a similar heat level to the Aleppo crushed red pepper measuring about a 3 on a heat scale of 1-10. These threads are best described as having a smoky, fresh, earthy flavor with mild heat. Traditionally, chile threads are used in kimchi as well as a garnish. They also can be added to soups, vinegars, and meat dishes. The threads can be served softened, toasted or both. Lightly toasting the threads brings out a fuller flavor and makes them more palatable. Toast only for a minute or so over medium heat and keep them moving to avoid burning. Soaking the threads in water for 10-15 minutes will soften them and give a feathery appearance.

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