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Ingredients: Cinnamon Cassia Chips, Green Cardamom Pods, Cloves Whole, Orange Peels, Rosebuds.

Description: Whole Spice has created a Havdalah mix in honor of the Jewish religious ceremony called the Havdalah, which marks the end of the Sabbath on a Saturday night. The first of the four Havdalah blessings are made over wine or another liquid. The second blessing is recited over fragrant spices. The spices represent compensation for the loss of the special Sabbath spirit. The spices commonly used are cloves, cinnamon, or cardamom and are kept in a special decorated B'Samim box. Whole Spice Havdalah mix is made with cinnamon chips, orange peel, rosebuds, cloves, and green cardamom pods.

About 1-2 ounces(s) fit in a standard organza bag. 

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