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Cinnamon Powder
2.4 oz Jar4 oz Bag1 lb Bag5 lb Bag

Cinnamon Powder

$9.50 – $77.50
Ingredients: Cinnamon (Cassia). Description: Cinnamon Powder
Whole Cloves
1.4 oz Jar4 oz Bag1 lb Bag5 lb Bag

Cloves Whole

$3.75 – $61.88
Ingredients: Cloves. Description: Cloves are the aromatic dried flower buds of a tree in the Syzygium aromaticum family, which is native to the Maluku Islands in Indonesia. Cloves are used...
Green Cardamom Pods
1.5 oz Jar4 oz Bag1 lb Bag5 lb Bag

Green Cardamom Pods

$13.00 – $415.00
Ingredients: Green Cardamom Pods. Description: The green cardamom pods are more expensive than the other varieties of cardamom because they are harder to find, and they retain their aroma and...
Cloves Ground
2.6 oz Jar4 oz Bag1 lb Bag5 lb Bag

Cloves Ground

$11.50 – $160.00
Ingredients: Cloves. Description: Ground cloves keep their pungent taste better than most ground spices. Cloves add spice to gingerbread, cookies, applesauce, muffins, and cakes. You can also blend ground cloves...
Cinnamon Sticks 4 inch
4 oz Bag1.4 oz Jar1 lb Bag5 lb Bag

Cinnamon Sticks 4 inch

$9.00 – $128.75
Ingredients: Cinnamon (Cassia). Description: Our 4" Cinnamon Sticks are a rusty brown color and can be used in many ways, like steeping in cider or grating into recipes to impart...
Anise Seed
2.0 oz Jar4 oz Bag1 lb Bag5 lb Bag

Anise Seed

$7.50 – $53.75
Ingredients: Anise Seeds. Description: Anise seed is native to the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean. It has a licorice-like sweet flavor and is widely used to flavor cakes, cookies,...
Rose Water

Rose Water 10 oz Bottle

Ingredients: Rose Water. Description: Rose Water 10 oz Bottle
orange blossom water

Orange Blossom Water 10 oz bottle ea

Ingredients: Distilled Bitter Orange Blossom Water. Description: Orange blossom water has a subtle citrus taste that complements many types of food, and is particularly used in making Middle Eastern pastries,...