Weck Jar LG Spice Set- Salt & Pepper
Set of Two Jars:
-Peppercorns Black Tellicherry 4.9 oz Large Weck Jar
-Fleur de Sel French Sea Salt 9.4 oz Large Weck Jar

Description: The Tellicherry Peppercorns are black peppercorns that remain on the vine much longer than any other peppercorn, which affords them a deep, robust flavor with fruit-like notes. They are native to the Malabar coast of India and are considered to be the finest pepper in the world. The Fleur de Sel French Sea Salt is pale in color and considered a most elegant finishing salt. The crystals that make fleur de sel are raked more delicately than other hand harvested sea salts, they do not touch the bottom of the salt pan.br>
Ingredients in Peppercorns Black Tellicherry: Peppcorns Black Tellicherry.
Ingredients in Fleur de Sel French Sea Salt: Sea Salt.

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