Weck Jar LG Spice Set-Garlic Parsley Salt & Sel Gris Salt

Set of Two Jars:
-Garlic & Parsley Sea Salt 8.1 oz Large Weck Jar
-Sel Gris Salt 9.8 oz Large Weck Jar

Description: Our Garlic & Parsley Sea Salt is such a simple blend but will elevate the taste of just about any dish! You can use it as a rub, make dipping oil or use it as a condiment along with some freshly ground pepper. Our Sel Gris Salt is harvested using traditional Celtic methods. It has a sharper, bolder flavor than Fleur de Sel and is an excellent cooking salt.
Ingredients in Garlic & Parsley Sea Salt: Sea Salt, Garlic, Parsley.
Ingredients in Sel Gris Salt: Sea Salt.

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