Cooking at Oxbow Market

  • Aug, 25 , 21
  • Orit Shifrin

This past Sunday, my husband Shuli, conducted a cooking class at the Oxbow Market in Napa Valley. The event was held outside on the sun-deck at the back of the Market.All eyes were on Shuli. Listening. Absorbing. And waiting to sample the four Mediterranean style entrees that he was preparing.

The Market was buzzing with visitors from all over the world, as well as the local denizens. So even if some of the people weren't there for the cooking class, their curiosity led them to a seat with the other attendees. I could sense that they were keen to learn more about healthy eating and thats what the cooking class was all about.

The featured items were: Bean & Spinach Salad, Mediterranean Beetroot Salad, Mediterranean Quinoa Salad and Roasted Eggplant (baba ganoush).

Using the required Whole Spice seasonings, like Istanbul salad seasoning, pure zahtar, zahtar mix, ground sumac, to name a few, Shuli prepared each dish elaborating about some of the origins of the food and highlighting some of the important health benefits. Part of the fun was getting the audience to participate by sounding out the amount of ingredients in each of the recipes. Besides being a great cook, audience participation is something that Shuli does very well. Hes a natural in front of large groups of people poised, knowledgeable, clear and affable.

At the end of the cooking class, I had a chance to mingle with the crowd, and the comments I heard were all the same: Excellent. Awesome. The best tasting beetroot salad ever! Most people were eager to take advantage of the 30% discount on all the Whole Spice seasonings and made a bee-line to the outlet inside the Market.

Happily, they took home their recipe handouts, lots of Whole Spice seasoning and a good feeling about a new way of eating and cooking at home.

For the featured recipes, please click the links below:

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