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Rosemary Powder Organic

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Rosemary Powder Organic $6.20 Net Wt 1.1 Oz. (32g)
Rosemary Powder Organic $7.30 Net Wt 4 Oz (113g)
Rosemary Powder Organic $12.00 Net Wt 1lb (454g)
Rosemary Powder Organic $57.50 Net Wt 5 lb. (2.3Kg)

The name of this lovely herb, with its needlelike leaves and delicate light blue flowers, is derived from Latin and means
"dew of the sea".This is appropriate because the plant is indigenous to the Mediterranean area, where it thrives in the calcium-rich soil, the dry climate, and the salty sea spray. It has a strong flavor that is pungent but undeniably pleasant. In Italy, it is the preferred herb with veal, poultry, or lamb dishes, especially those simmered with wine, olive oil, and garlic. Other Mediterranean countries do use it, although less lavishly, while in Northern Europe, it often finds it way into sausage mixtures. This versatile herb tastes good with strongly flavored vegetables, jams and jellies, and even wine punches. It should always be paried with lamb; a spring placed on a roasting leg lends the meat an incomparable flavor.

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