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Holiday Spices

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Allspice Powder  
Allspice Whole  
Almond Extract Organic  
Apple Dices  
Apple Pie Spice  
Bay Leaves - Powder  
Bay Leaves - Whole  
Bay Leaves Powder Organic  
Bay Leaves Whole Hand Select  
Bay Leaves Whole Organic  
BBQ Spice Set - Save 10%  
Blends and Seasoning Jar Set (12 Jars) Save 10%  
Blood Orange Peel Granules  
Cardamom Green - Powder  
Cardamom Green - Whole  
Cardamom Green Pods Organic  
Cardamom Green Powder Organic  
Chicken Stuffing Seasoning  
Chili Gift Set (6 Jars) save 10%  
Chocolate Cake Baking Set - Save 10%  
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